Office of District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO)


The District Social Welfare Office Nongpoh was established in May 1993, it provides services and implements the Welfare Schemes of Persons with Disabilities, women and senior citizens. The DSWO facilitate the implementation of Social Welfare schemes for the Welfare of disabled people after taking into consideration the type of disability the person has and work towards detection and rehabilitation.

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  • Office of Social Welfare Officer, Down Gate, Nongpoh, Ri-Bhoi District - 793102


  1. Grant –in- aid to Organization working in the field of Women Welfare given to viable Voluntary Organization catering to the welfare of Women and Children in the district. Through this grant, Voluntary Organizations who has put in 5 (five) years services can avail financial assistance for their Welfare Programme.
  2. Anti- Drugs Programme are conducted in the district through Voluntary Organizations and NGOs working for the Welfare of Rehabilitation Drug addicts and alcoholics.

Application Form

  1. Fresh Scholarship for the Disabled.
  2. Renewal Scholarship for the Disabled.
  3. Fresh Application for Book Grant, Uniform Grant and Conveyance Allowance.
  4. Renewal Application for Book Grant, Uniform Grant and Conveyance Allowance.
  5. Fresh Application for Unemployment Allowance.
  6. Renewal Application for Unemployment Allowance.
  7. Fresh Application for General Grants- in- Aid.

Registration of Transgender Persons is done through the National Portal for the Transgender Persons whereby the transgender can apply for Transgender Certificate and Identity Card in the given online format which can be reached at the website


Organizational Chart

DSWO Organizational Chart

Implementation of Disability Act, 1995

1. Scholarships to Disabled Students :

Scholarships to Disabled Students pursuing higher studies in recognized schools., colleges and institutions from nursery to post graduate levels are provided financial assistance in the form. The rates of scholarships vary according to the level of education, hostelites to day scholars. Reader allowance is also given to Visually impaired students studying from Class 9th onwards.

Coverage of beneficiaries during the year 2021- 2022
Name of the schemes Type Number of beneficiaries
Scholarship Fresh Scholarship 80
Renewal Scholarship 43
Book Grant/ Uniform Grant/ Conveyance Allowance Fresh Book Grant/ Uniform Grant/ Conveyance Allowance 74
Renewal Book Grant/ Uniform Grant/ Conveyance Allowance 41
Reader Allowance Fresh/ Renewal Reader Allowance 0
Unemployment Allowance Fresh Unemployment 5
Renewal Unemployment Allowance 28

2. Vocational Training to Persons with Disabilities for Self- Employment:

Vocational Training is imparted to Persons with Disabilities through Voluntary Organizations on Self Help Groups (SHGs) of the district. The duration for the training is imparted for a year long. Thereafter, the trainees are given the Rs. 5, 000/- each as Token Relief grant, whereby they can purchase the tools and appliances required to pursue their skills in order to sustain themselves. Implementation of Disability Act, 1995.

Name of the programme Number of Trainees Name of Institution/ SHGs giving training
Vocational Training to Persons with Disabilities 5 Ferrando Speech & Hearing Centre, Umniuh Khwan

3. Medical Treatment of the Aged:

Medical Treatment of the Aged: The scheme covers both male and female elderly above 65 years of age for men and 62 years for women where financial assistance of Rs. 2, 200/- as one-time grant is provided to them to avail health care services or to undergo treatment for their ailments.

Name of the scheme Number of beneficiaries
Medical Treatment of the Aged 94

4. Grant- in- aid to NGOs/ Self Help Groups for services of Children in Care & Protection

  1. The scheme will provide day care facilities for children from 6 months to 6 years whose working parents has to leave them to earn their livelihoods. At the facility children are given Supplementary Nutrition which is sponsored through the National Creche scheme. Children below 3 years are taught early stimulation whereas those above 3 years are taught pre- school education.
  2. There is growth monitoring as well as health check- ups which is conducted by the Medical doctor.
  3. The district office would like to motivate more Voluntary Organizations and Self Help Groups to run Creche facilities to enable widow and single mothers to earn their livelihoods

5. Chief Minister Wedding Assistance Scheme for Orphaned Girls

It was launched in 2014 aims at uplifting their social life. The Wedding Assistance Scheme for poor orphan girls above 18 years was being implemented by the office of the DSWO. An amount of Rs. 15, 000/- is given to Forms are available the orphan girls as financial assistance for her wedding at the office of the DSWO.

6. National Programme and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

A person with Disability after obtaining the Disability Certificate from the doctors/ specialists either through Assessment Camps that are regularly held in the district. Once a person has the Disability Certificate along with the UDID or the Unique Disability Identity Card he or she can avail the assistive device which is part of the rehabilitative programme.

At present there are 2256 (Two thousand Two Hundred Fifty- Six) numbers of Persons with Disabilities in the district.