General Information
Property Value
Headquarter Address Umling C & RD Block, Umling.
Area 84,630 Hectares Reported Area (Geographical Area 85,184 Hectare).
Total No. of Villages 211
Total No. of Population 66,089
Total No. of Household 10085
Total No. of BPL Household Data Not Available
Total No. of BPL Data Not Available
No. of inhabited villages 211
Year of inception of the Block 2nd October, 1980
Average Rainfall 185 mm (During 2004 upto 31st March Average)
Average Temperature 26º C Maximum and 17º C Minimum.
Main occupation of the population Cultivation (Agriculture & Horticulture).
No. of Constituencies 3 ( Nongpoh A/C, Part of Jirang A/C & Mawhati A/C )
Industrial Estate 1 (Byrnihat)
Historic Sites NA
Nongtyrlaw Caves Also known as Bat caves
Arts and Culture NA
Traditional Institutions NA
People Bhoi, Mikir & Garo
Festival Shad Sajer
Music Local Bhoi Phawar
Craft: Bamboo works and Cane works
Religion Traditional belief & Christianity
Martyr NIL
Traditional Sport Archery
Density Population NA
Health Records / Facilities
Property Value
No. of C.H.C 1 ( Nongpoh CHC )
No. of P.H.C 4
No. of Dispensaries 6
Educational Facilities
Property Value
No. of colleges 1
No. of Higher Secondary Schools 1
No. of High Schools 8
No. of Middle Schools/Sr.Basic School 20
No. of Primary Schools/Jr.Basic/Pre-Primary 138
Adult Education Centre 36
Pre-Primary & I.C.D.S. Centre 115 and 48 Units/Centres.
Property Value
Total surfaced road length 68 Kms from Umling
Kutcha road 119 Kms from Umling
National Highway 58 Kms from Umling
Inter-State Roads 58 Kms from Umling
No. of Post Office & Sub Post Office 1 Post Office at Nongpoh & 15 Sub-Post Office.
No. of Telegraph Office 1 at Nongpoh.
No. of Telephone Exchange 1 at Nongpoh.
Electricity Facilities
Property Value
No. of Electrified villages 185 Nos.
No. of Power Generating Station 2 Nos. (Nongpoh & Byrnihat)
Land Classification
Property Value
Forest Area 26,756 Hectares
Area under Agriculture 12,360 Hectares
Area under Jhum cultivation 675 Hectares (including Paddy, Maize, Ginger & Arum)
Area under wheat cultivation Nil
Net area sown 9499 Hectares
Area under Double Cropping 2861 Hectares
Area under Non-agriculture uses 6149 Hectares
Current fallow 3041 Hectares
Cultivable wasteland 19,091 Hectares
Fallow other than barren 3724 Hectares
Land under Misc. trees grown 9545 Hectares
Barren and cultivable land 6825 Hectares.
Area and Production of Major Crops:
Crop A-Area P-Production
Paddy A-3962 Ha. (Winter) P-10720 MT.(Winter)
A-32 Ha. (Jhum) P-44 MT. (Jhum)
Ginger A-24 Ha. P-112 MT.
Tea A-126 Ha P-765 MT
Winter Vegetables A-19 Ha P-13 MT
Maize Nil Nil
Pine apple A-2746 Ha. P-31579 MT.
Turmeric A-5 Ha. P-33 MT.
Farm Equipment
Crop A-Area
Number of Tractors 10 Nos.
Number of Power Tillers 55 Nos.
Number of sprayers 110 Nos.
Animal Husbandry & Veterinary
Property Value
Number of Dispensaries 6 Nos.
Number of Aid CentresK.V.Centre 5 Nos.
Number of Stockman Centre/Sub-Centre 2 Nos.
Number of Veterinary Doctors 3 Nos.
Number of Government Livestock Farms Nil
Property Value
Number of Multi Purposes Co-operative Societies 1 (One)
Agricultural Co-operative Societies 3 (Three)
Registered Non-Governmental Organisation 4 (Four) (Umden, Byrnihat, Diwon and Umdihar)
Property Value
No. of unregulated markets 6 Nos.
No. of recognized markets 4 Nos.
Banking Facilities
Property Value
No. of Banks 9 Nos.
Nationalized Banks 6 Nos.
Co-operative Bank 1 Nos.
Rural Banks 2 Nos.
Property Value
No. of large scale Industries 2 Nos.
No. of small scale Industries 38 Nos.
Recreation Centers
Property Value
Cinema Hall / Video Hall 2 (Cinema Hall – 1; Video Hall – 1)
Sports Club 22 Nos. (as on 2004)
Village Community Hall 5 Nos.
Park 1 (Mini Park)
Playgrounds 10 Nos.