District Statistics Office


The Office of the District Statistical Officer, is located at Downgate, Nongpoh Ri Bhoi District it has started functioning since September,1995 and functioning from a rented building with a selection supporting consisting as indicated below:-

Organization Chart of DSO

Organization Chart of District Statistic Office

The functions of the District Statistical Office are as follows:-

  1. The functions of the District Statistical Office are mainly conducting surveys on regular basis on any statistical information assigned by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Meghalaya and Central Government.
  2. The District Statistical Office is conducting the National Sample Survey under different rounds on various subjects in collaboration with the National Sample Survey Organization, Government of India.
  3. The District Statistical Office conducts the Crop Cutting Experiment for selected Crops mainly on Maize, Spring Paddy, Winter Paddy, Ginger, and Turmeric which is a time bound survey.
  4. The District Statistical Office is responsible for compilation of the District Level Crop Statistics ,Land Use Statistics and Irrigation Statistics, etc.
  5. The District Statistical Office compile and publish the District Statistical Hand Book, and District At a Glance.
  6. Collection and compilation the Price Statistics of the District.
  7. The Office also conducts the Economic census.

Success Stories

The office of the District Statistical Officer have been able to achieve and complete different surveys, like National Sample Survey, Crop Cutting Experiment Survey etc., also the office is publishing the District Statistical Hand Book and District at a Glance, which are useful for Policy makers, planners and others.