District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA)

The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh was established under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner under Section 25 (1) 0f the Disaster Management Act, 2005 by a Government Notification. No.RDG.32/2005/128, dated 26th June 2008 for effective management of disasters.

At the Block Level. the Block Disaster Management Committees (BDMCs) have been constituted under the chairmanship of Block Development Officers for overall management of disasters. Similarly, at the Village Level, the Block Development Officers have been instructed to constitute Village Disaster Management Committees (VDMCs) to look after all matters related to Disaster Management in the village.

Powers & functions

The powers & functions of DDMA are as per Section 30 0f the Disaster Management Act, 2005. It acts as the district planning, coordinating & implementing body for Disaster Management and take all measures for the purpose of Disaster Management in the district in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the National Authority and State Authority.


The DDMA is implementing different activities like awareness generation, trainings. mock drills etc to all stakeholders – Govemment, Non-Governmental Organizations & community as a whole sanctioned under the Annual Allocation of State Disaster Response Fund for Capacity Building.


Relief matter is looked after by Relief Branch, DC’s Office, Nongpoh as per the guidelines and norms of the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF)/ State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) of the Government India.

Members of District Disaster Management Authority
Sl. No. Designation Status Address Contact Nos. Email ID
1. Deputy Commissioner Chairperson O/o Deputy Commissioner, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh (O):03638-232221,(F):03638-232503,
2. Chief Executive Member, KHADC Co-Chairperson O/o Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council, Shillong (O):0364-2241601  
3. Addl. Deputy Commissioner Chief Executive Officer O/o Deputy Commissioner, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh (O):03638-232221,(F):03638-232503
4. Superintendent of Police Member O/o Supdt. of Police, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh (O):03638-232304,(F):03638-232230
5. DM & HO Member O/o District Medical & Health Officer, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh    
6. Executive Engineer, PWD, Roads Member O/o Executive Engineer, PWD, Road, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh    
7. District Agriculture Officer Member O/o District Agriculture Officer, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh    

Co-opted members of DDMA

  1. Block Development Officers of all blocks
  2. Joint Director of School Education & Literacy
  3. District School Education Officer
  4. District Mission Coordinator (SSA)
  5. Sub—Divisional School Education Officer
Officials of DDMA
Sl. No. Name Designation Contact Nos. Email ID
1. Smt. R.M. Kurbah, IAS Deputy Commissioner & Chairperson (O):03638-232221,(F):03638-232503,
2. Shri. D.P. Kharsati, MCS Addl. Deputy Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer (O):03638-232221,(F):03638-232503
3. Smt. V.A. Hynniewta, MCS Extra Assistant Commissioner
4. Smt. K. Wanniang District Disaster Management Officer (O): 03638-232028

Reports of different activities conducted in 2018-2019

  1. Training of Social Welfare Department Officials for enhancing Disaster Preparedness among the Vulnerable Groups (PDF 2MB)
  2. Basic Training Programme of Masons 0n Hazards Resistant Construction (PDF 928KB)
  3. National Disaster Reduction Day, 2018- A Report (PDF 9MB)
  4. Training Programme for Police Officials on the Role of Police Personnel on Emergency Management. Search & Rescue/First Aid in Disaster (PDF 9MB)
  5. Multi State Mock Exercise on Earthquake Disaster (PDF 2.7MB)


  1. District Disaster Management Plan,2019 Volume-I (PDF 4MB)
  2. District Disaster Management Plan,2019 Volume-II (PDF 5MB)
  3. Report of Awareness Program cum Workshop for preparation of District Management Plan of Industries & Dam (PDF 6MB)
  4. DDMA Notification for Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh (PDF 67KB)
  5. District Incident Response Team (PDF 920KB)
  6. Notification of School Safety Advisory Committee (PDF 74KB)
  7. Search and Rescue ( PDF 5MB)
  8. Booklet on First Aid/Medical First Responder (PDF 5MB)