COVID-19 Protocols

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COVID-19 Protocols
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Protocol for international arrivals (5th November 2020) 05/11/2020 View (120 KB)
Revised Protocol for Testing and Discharge in COVID-19 Cases (27th October 2020) 27/10/2020 View (2 MB)
Protocols for returnees entrants to the State (22nd September 2020) 22/09/2020 View (1 MB)
The Positive Psychology Protocol for COVID-19 (21st September 2020) 21/09/2020 View (4 MB)
Increasing cases of COVID19 and need for effective implementation of control and safety measures (28th August 2020) 28/08/2020 View (1 MB)
Revised Protocol for testing for high risk contacts (27th August 2020) 27/08/2020 View (2 MB)
Testing, Quarantine & Discharge Policy for COVID19 (21st August 2020) 21/08/2020 View (1 MB)
Protocol for Rapid Antigen Testing for COVID-19 in Meghalaya (30th July 2020) 30/07/2020 View (2 MB)
Protocol for Testing and Quarantine of Exposed Individuals who come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person (28th July 2020) 28/07/2020 View (703 KB)
Protocol Home Quarantine (21st July 2020) 21/07/2020 View (3 MB)