Disaster Management

The District Disaster Management Plan of Ri Bhoi District is prepared by the District Disaster Management Authority. Section 31.(1) of the Disaster Management Act 2005 mandates the preparation of District Plan by the District Disaster Management Authority.

This plan has been prepared based on the guidelines provided by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). It is a multi-hazard Disaster Management Plan.

The Disaster Management Plan play as a key part for an emergency management. It also serves as a reference and guidance in a pre- disaster and during a disaster situation. The DDMP will play a significant role to address the unexpected disasters that occur in the district. It consist of Volume I and Volume II. The information available therein is valuable in terms of its use during disaster. Volume I contains the basic profiles of the District, the history of calamities that has happened in the District the roles of various departments. Volume II contains the information on certain important issues like Incident Response System (IRS), India Disaster Resource Network (IDRN) website, the steps to Response to any disasters by the Departments and also the important information of the District. This plan also provides important list of websites related to available materials etc.

To know more about Disaster Management Plan of Ri Bhoi  District, Please download the  Ri Bhoi District Disaster Management Plan (PDF 4.2 MB).