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Basic Data of Umsning Block

General Information:

a. Headquarter Address Umsning C & RD Block, Umsning.
b. Area 1,105 Sq. Km.
c. Total No. of Villages 266
d. Total No. of Population 1,03,161
e. Total No. of Household 18,033
f. Total No. of BPL Household 7491
g. Total No. of BPL -
h. No. of inhabited villages 266
i. Year of inception of the Block 2nd Oct 1952
j. Average Rainfall 1242.8 mm
k. Average Temperature 22º  C..
l. Main occupation of the population Cultivation.
m. No. of Constituencies 1. Umroi Constituency (fully), 3 partially Constituencies (Mawhati, Nongpoh & Sohiong)
n. Industrial Estate 1
o. Density Population 93 per Sq. Km.
Health Records / Facilities:
a. No. of C.H.C 2
b. No. of P.H.C 4
c. No. of Dispensaries 2
Educational Facilities:
a. No. of colleges 2 Nos.
b. No. of Higher Secondary Schools  3 Nos.
c. No. of High Schools 28 Nos.
d. No. of Middle Schools 103 Nos.
e. No. of Primary Schools 280 Nos.
f. Adult Education Centre Nil
g. Pre-Primary Schools  23 Nos. (I.C.D.S. Centre 1 No., Anganwadi Centre 234 Nos.)
a. Total surfaced road length 146.22 Km.
b. Kutcha road 187.976 Km.
c. National Highway 18.00 Km
d. Inter-State Roads 113.25 Km
e. No. of Post Office 7
f. No. of Telegraph Office Nil.
g. No. of Telephone Exchange 2
Electricity Facilities:
a. No. of Electrified villages 195
b. No. of Power Generating Station 5 Nos. (185.3 MW)
Land Classification: 2007-2008 :
a. Forest Area 47549 Hectares
b. Area under Agriculture 9835 Hect.
c. Area under Jhum cultivation 28 Hectares
d. Area under wheat cultivation Nil
e. Net area sown 8530 Ha
f. Area under Double Cropping 1305 Hectares
g. Area under Non-agriculture uses 6160 Ha
h. Current fallow 5692 Hectares
i. Cultivable wasteland 27254 Hectares
j. Fallow other than barren 1102 Hectares
k. Land under Misc. trees grown 10908 Ha
l. Barren and cultivable land 3305 Hectares.
Area and Production of Major Crops: A- Area P- Production
a. Paddy i) Winter A-4378 Ha. P-11820 MT.
ii) Jhum A-28 Ha. P-41 MT.
b. Ginger A-830 Ha. P-6638 MT.
c. Tea A-440 Ha P-2210 MT
d. Winter Vegetables
e. Maize A-1278 Ha P-2888 MT
f. Pine apple A-633 Ha. P-7272 MT.
g. Turmeric A-72 Ha P-317 MT