Ri-Bhoi District Portal

Government of Meghalaya


     The Deputy Commissioner is the administrative head of the district with the District Headquarters at Nongpoh. The District consists of three Community and Rural Development Blocks viz, Umsning C & RD Block with its headquarter at Umsning ,Umling C & RD Block with its headquarter at Nongpoh and Jirang C & RD Block with its headquarter at Patharkhmah. Ri Bhoi District has only one Administrative Unit at Patharkhmah.

     The hierarchy of administration in the District can be divided into four levels viz

        (1) The District Administration at Nongpoh, is headed by the Deputy Commissioner and his comrades-at-arms.

        (2) The Administrative Unit at Jirang is headed by the Administrative Officer and a team of officials.

        (3) The Traditional Institutions are headed by the Syiems and the Sirdars.

        (4) The Traditional Durbars of the Syiem Raids.

        (5) The Village Administration by the headmen.

The first two categories pertains to the Government of Meghalaya and the latter three comes within the purview of The United Khasi-Jaintia Hills Autonomous District (Administration of Justice Rules) 1953 of the District Council which were framed in accordance with the provisions of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India. The jurisdiction of civil administration coincides with parts of the administrative areas of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council Shillong, having the office of the Area Superintendent at Nongpoh. As it is a well-known fact, the Sixth Schedule, is the only provision in the Constitution of India framed solely for the preservations of the customary practices and administrative rights of the Khasis being the natives which inter alia includes regulation of jhum control, implementation of some rural programmes, regulation of trade for non-tribals, elaka and village administration etc.

     While gearing up with the developmental administration at the Block-level, The State Government has set up three Community & Rural Development Blocks at Jirang, Umling and Umsning respectively. These are the efforts to decentralize and translate Government plans into reality and to activate the cycle of development at the grass-root levels. The village settlements in the District are purely agrarian in nature. Traditional trade and commerce took place in ancient time between the natives of this District and the people of Assam .