Voter’s Turnout :


Main Functions of Election Branch are as follows:-

  • Receive application online and offline for enrolment of all persons of 18 years of age and above in the Electoral Roll including deletion of dead/shifted voters, correction of entries and Transposition of electors
  • Preparation of Draft Electoral Rolls before the commencement of the Summary/Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls.
  • Preparation of Final Electoral Rolls after completion of data entry of all forms.
  • Preparation, printing and issue of EPIC.
  • Data entry of all forms received for new enrolment (Form 6), enrolment of overseas electors (Form 6A), deletion of dead, shifted voters (Form 7), correction of entries in the Electoral Roll (Form 8), transposition of name (Form 8A) during Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls and continuous revision of Electoral Roll.
  • Preparation of last part of Electoral Roll for service voters and special voters.
  • Conduct of Election to the Lok Sabha, State Legislative Assembly and Bye Election when necessary.
  • Preparation of list of Polling Stations every year before the Summary/Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, fresh list of Polling Stations are proposed in consultation with Political Parties. List of Polling Stations are published after approval by the Election Commission of India.
  • Election Branch plays a vital role for giving awareness to the public in general the importance of getting enrolled and exercise of Franchise to make Democracy a reality. In Election year the Election Branch conducts awareness campaign on use of EVM.
  • Safe custody of EVMs and proper maintenance of record on EVM Tracking Software.
  • Preparation and compilation of Statistical.
  • Preparation of AC/PS maps using GIS technology.