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     The Bhois of Ri Bhoi District are the Sub - group of the main Khasi Tribe. The majority of the Bhois speak the Bhoi dialect, although they use the Khasi dialect as a major subject in their schools. In Ri Bhoi District, there are other groups of tribes viz, Garos, who speak the Tibeto - Burman groups of language, whereas the Karbis, Marngars, Mikirs, Bodos and Lalungs use Assamese as their Lingua Franca. Some speak and write Khasi too. The Bhois follow the matrilenial system. Children bear the title of the mother and she is the safe keeper of all properties owned by her parents.


     Ka Shad Sajer : Ceremonial dance held annually at Nongbah (Raid Nongpoh) by Ka Seng Pynneh Riti Khat-ar Lyngdoh. Usually held in the last part of January. Neighbouring zillas also used to take part in this dance. Shad Sajer is more or less like a Festival of the Ri Bhoi District. Other dances includes Ka Shad Shohkba of Raid Nongkharai, Shad Shutwait and Shad Dongdong, Shad Malangho and Shad Kynjuh Kynthei of Raid Nonglyngdoh. Shad Puh Lyngkha of Raid Sohkhwai, Shad Shutwait and Kynjuh Kynthei of Raid Nongkhrah.

     Ka Shad Krud Ksing : Merriment dance performed by Raid Thaiang of Ri Bhoi District.

     Merriment dances of Ri Bhoi District includes - Ka shad Lakympong, Lukhmi of Namsha, Thaiang, Nongtung and Tyrso. Shad Krudkba and Langhei of Marngar.